Wheat Belly All Purpose Baking Mix

Good Morning to all,

I hope you are enjoying some quality family time as most schools are now done and the children are home for summer. For all those struggling with food allergies i have reached out to a Doctor whom himself says that he has a reaction to all grains and wheats including corn. Now we have to remember that the seeds have been altered and are not the same as those from the biblical times that the our ancestors used and ate. He also mentioned that most people don’t realize how important our genetic makeup truly is. This can also be a factor in food reactions. The wheat that was grown by the greeks and others in the ancient times were something completely different then what we have today. Nature proved such amazing food supplies so staying natural is very important. Food is medicine to the body. What you put into your body fuels you. If you do not eat the appropriate foods for your body you will not be able to flourish. Your body is a temple and needs to be respected and treated appropriately. If you put junk in you will get junk out. Remember that our bodies are unique and each person’s needs are different. The interesting thing that i have found in my research is that healthy people keep a very simple pallet. They stick with food that works and keep it simple. This is even proven with athletes and children. Most people might have reactions to food and not even realize it. Gluten isn’t the only protein that people have been having an allergic reaction too. I have found some relief by changing our daily diets. No sugar….. Again I’m going to say no sugar. Our fruits and veggies have natural sugars in it already we don’t need to add sweeteners. So if you have young  children who wants that extra sweetness here are some great alternatives…, maple syrup, dates. You won’t need allot to add a little sweetness.

I have also found an amazing All Purpose Baking Mix.

4 CUPS almond meal/flour

1 CUP ground golden flaxseeds

1/4 Cup coconut flour

2 teaspoons baking soda

1 teaspoon ground psyllium seed (optional)

In a large bowl, disk together the almond meal/flour, flaxseeds, coconut flour, baking soda, and psyllium seed ( if desired). Store in an airtight container, preferably in the refrigerator.  

per 1 table spoon: 40 calories, 2 g protein, 2 g carbohydrates, 3 g total fat, 0 g saturated fat, 1 g fiber, 33 mg sodium.

I prefer to leave all the baking sodas and baking powder out of my baking now. So i use nut flours and mix in coconut oil. The bread i make for example comes out very heavy and think but one slice is very filling and you can make it so tasty with spices and dried cranberries. There are so many different things that you can use to substitute or simply make your own creation to your own taste.

Let me know if you find this helpful and what your responses are from using this recipe or something similar.

Enjoy the sunshine, be happy, be well 

Top 10 Clearwater Get-Aways

Top 10 Clearwater Get-Away

1. Get up early, walk the beautiful white sand beaches of Clearwater Beach and find a quite space to lay out your towel and sit in stillness taking in the beauty.


2. Go for a run or a walk along the board-walk and beautiful bridges with fabulous views of the inter-coastal and Gulf waters and more. If your not a runner or walker, rent a bike to take in these beautiful views.


3. Attend Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga classes, geared for all levels, at Core Fitness Studios in the heart of Clearwater Beach on Mandalay above Hulk Hogan’s store. Classes Monday and Wednesday at noon and Friday 9:30am. A treat you will want to bring home with you and continue doing. Private-instruction available. www.sharondenton.com and www.cfsclearwater.com


4. Visit Sand Key Park and afterwards go to the Columbia for lunch, late afternoon or dinner. Sit on their beautiful deck over viewing the inter-coastal waters drinking a nice glass of wine or Sangria. www.pinellascounty.org/park and www.columbiarestaurant.com/clearwater


5. Have dinner at Caretta on the Gulf at the beautiful Sandpearl Resort and watch the sunset from their beautiful upper deck. Full and bar menu available. Dancing to live music at night. Reservations suggested for the prefect table. www.sandpearl.com


6. Get your weight work out on at Clearwater Fitness, above the Brown Boxer on Mandalay down from Core Fitness Studios. www.clearwaterbeachfitness.org


7. Want to buy a special something that isn’t a typical souvenir to remind you of your trip to Clearwater Beach? Visit My Lady Boutique (nice jeans, dresses and more) and Blue Lagoon (accessory heaven). Both shops located on Mandalay. Send the hubby to Hooters roof top bar while you shop!


8. Have drinks, watch the sunset and see the fabulous views at Pire House 60. www.PierHouse60ClearwaterBeachHotel.com


9. Visit Cork & Brew, a fabulous wine and craft beer bistro with great live music. Indoor and outdoor seating. www.corknbrew.com


10. Enjoy street performers, vendors, kid slides and fun during sunsets at the Clearwater Pier.


The Aging Body & Yoga

The Aging Body & Yoga, by Sharon Denton

The beauty about the aging body and the practice of yoga is that there is so much we gain through years of asana, pranayama and meditation that it provides a new way of being. Not better, just different. The markers of how we are progressing in our yoga practice are different then they were when we were younger. It’s not about how far, how deep one can go in a pose. We are not the same body, same person, nor do we have the same needs. Our hormones, biochemical balance, relationships, family, work demands, the way you spend your time has changed and honoring these beautiful transitions in life will bring contentment and ease. Ask yourself, why would I not allow my practice to receive these changes and help me navigate through them? It’s not wise or practical to think things are not going to change. Recognizing this and the ability to adapt constantly to meet your needs is the hallmark of a yogi. As we age, we long for different things from our yoga mats then in the past.


Yes, we do gain body awareness and flexibility through maintaining a yoga practice, but more importantly what we gain is a deeper profound knowing. It’s through the wisdom of life experience on our yoga mats, we learn to be less reactive, inter-perspective, happy and satisfied. Allowing the knowledge gained along the journey to seep in, we become seasoned and wisdom is gained.


Ask yourself, “Is my practice working?” We must become a partner in life, willing to surrender to the trappings of youth to gain insight of age. Our practice of asana, pranayama and meditation creates a mental flexibility that we did not have in our younger years. Over decades and decades of practice, we learn about our patterns, tendencies, resistances and attachments and through the practice we learn how to overcome these and not allow them to have power over us. In other words, we know thyself. As soon as we recognize the dysfunction or pattern, stepping out of it, is getting rid of the effect it has on us, just as slowing down is the same as waking up.


It’s when we allow ourselves to clearly see these emotional, mental and physical patterns, and step away from them and align with that which serves us, we are no longer at the mercy of these patterns.


In the yoga practice we experience the inner witness, aka the knower or observer. This witness can see from all perspectives and empathize yet abide with his/her true nature. The inner witness is not aloof or disconnected, yet is fully present to the this moment without being disturbed by it. We begin to see every argument or stressful situation from every ones point of view. There is no judging, there is only understanding, empathizing and compassion towards all, at the same time maintaining our authentic true nature. Over time, less and less do we only see on our own ego-perspective. In alignment with our true nature, we experience joy in all the blessings around and experiences life fully, moving towards it, not away from it.


There is a beautiful simple contentment in knowing that the goal of the yoga practice is to live in the radical presence of an open heart, to become more ‘pourous’ to the moment, vulnerable to the possibility of evolution and change and respond to the spontaneous needs in our lives. If we just trust the practice it takes us to where we need to go. Allow your practice to be unique to your needs and it will serve you well.




Benefits of Yoga

yoga S 2


With a regular yoga practice, you will experience the following:yoga

-you will reduce and release stress
-you will learn ‘tools’ to help you in stressful situations
-your concentration and memory improves
-your immune system is strengthened
-your blood pressure is strengthened
-your anxiety and depression will decrease
-you can recover from injuries quicker
-your strength, flexibility, balance and muscle tone increases
-your weight will normalize
-you will sleep sounder and wake refreshed
-you will look and feel younger
-your posture will improve, through body awareness and core strengthening
-you will feel more confident and healthy
-you will gain a positive out-look on life
-you will have better body awareness



Good Day Every One ! We want to invite you to come and enjoy a great day with us at Core Fitness Studio. We kick the morning of with Carly Hunkin in a total today workout and move into an amazing Yoga session with Sharon Denton. Total body is at 10:30-11:30 and Yoga starts from noon – 1pm. We invite you to come and join us the more you move the better you feel !


Welcome to our Newest Addition !

We want to Welcome Sharon Denton to our Core FItness Family and truly can’t wait to start March of with you and see you blossom!!

She is going to bring us Yoga and make us connect with our bodies in all those beautiful ways that you can express yourself through on yoga.

Here is a little more about our Yoga Teacher;


SharonSharon Denton, Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher 500 level (E-RYT500), Kinesiology degree from the University of N. Colorado and certifications in personal training (AFAA), Freestyle Women’s Training, TRX and group fitness (ACE).  Sharon has completed certified courses in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (Yog Darshan) and in Transformation Meditation. She has practiced and taught many styles of yoga and studied from many yoga masters from around the world.  With this experience, Sharon draws from the Ashtanga concept of vinyasa and the alignment and precise instruction of the Iyengar Method.  Sharon looks at the practice in a holistic way, breaking down and deconstructing the postures to provide wisdom in alignment and creating space not only in the body, but, also the mind.  Her classes are introspective, healing, focused and quiet.  Sharon is the Founder and Director of White Orchid’s 500-hr Teacher Training Program.  Sharon teaches traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Therapy.

Sharon’s discipline to her daily practice and to her teaching is evident in the way she lives her life. She is dedicated to studying this ancient tradition so that she can better serve her students and as well as to continue to grow as a student herself.  Sharon began teaching yoga classes in 1989 in Colorado and continued in Chicago-land area and now in the Tampa Bay area.  Sharon’s main teachers include Greg Nardi, Lisa Schrempp, Jayashree and Narishiman.

Sharon’s teachings are born from her own discipline and dedicated practice, which through time, has developed skillfully in a way that guides in each student’s yoga journey. With over 20 years of teaching experience and a strong spiritual foundation, Sharon’s yoga classes integrates realized wisdom, transmitted through verbal alignment guidance and feedback with intuitive physical adjustments to allow each practitioner to deepen their practice.  Her intuitive ability to design a class that meets the needs of different levels, so that each individual feels steadiness, comfort, and joy leaving the studio/classroom with a sense of balance and awareness of their connection to their inner nature, the Source. Sharon uses props as needed to facilitate opening and is skilled in working with injuries and limitations.  Sharon’s energizing drive fosters her natural, innate ability to bring out the individuality that lies within us all.  Her sincere appreciation of yoga is apparent in the lifestyle she lives.

Sharon’s vast knowledge of how the body and mind works and how to optimize health and vitality is evident in her balanced approach to life.   You will come away feeling deeply relaxed, rejuvenated, empowered and creatively inspired. All levels welcome.  Sharon acknowledges 
and embraces how fortunate and blessed she is to have the opportunity to teach yoga and she is grateful for 
all the teachers that have come into her life, including, her husband, daughter, family, friends, and students.  Sharon sells Natures Sunshine products and is a lululemon ambassador.

For more information please go to www.sharondenton.com

So come meet her come join us and truly enjoy being healthy, living well and becoming more fit!!!


We want to thank everyone for joining us in class it has been wonderful and we are excited to see everyone grow into a healthier You!

I want to Thank Carly Hunkin!! You are an amazing trainer and we love your energy !!!

Thank you for making us work hard and getting closer to being able to move like you …

We just want to thank everyone for joining us and those of you who haven’t yet come see us !!! we would love to have you !!!!



Core Fitness Studio Blog Spot


Core Integration Workshop

March 1 2014 | 11 am – 1:00 pm | $ 35.00

During this workshop we will explore all the benefits of detoxifying our bodies. We will then enjoy a wonderful detoxing Yoga session followed by a Detoxing body wrap.

Please make sure to drink plenty of water and eat before you come to class.

This workshop works best if you drink half your body weight in ounces of water starting the day before class and continue all the way through the next day after class.

This will give you the best and most satisfactory results.

We recommend that you eat well balanced meals especially starting the day before.

This class is suitable for all levels, as well as those seeking to make their body a more spacious home.

$ 35.00 per person

Please call Geneé 727-656-3245 if you have any questions.

Please RSVP Thank you !

Studio, 483 Mandalay Avenue, Clearwater Beach, FL 33767 or call 727-656-3245